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Welcome to Hounds 'n' Harmony

We offer exclusive dog boarding, behaviour re-set programs and Pet First Aid Courses

We are fully Licenced, Insured & Qualified in Canine Behaviour & Pet First Aid

A bit about me....

Having worked 25 years as a HR Consultant I wanted a change of career.  Growing up I was never without a dog and was always intrigued about the relationship between owner and canine.  It was only when I moved into a house of my own and got my own dogs that the problems started.  At my parents house they were always so well behaved, but with me and my partner they were out of control. Why was this? I called in a behaviourist and after only 48 hours of following simple techniques, it all made sense and the problems diminished considerably.  I now understood the importance of speaking 'their' language and in 2016 after having re-trained as a behavourist I founded Hounds 'n' Harmony.  In 2017 after sadly loosing my own dog, I added exclusive dog boarding to my services and in 2018 I trained to be a Pet First Aid Instructor and also hold certified courses at my studio in Coventry.

Our Services...

Home Boarding

No more than 2 dogs boarding 

at any time. 


Canine Behaviour

We offer an holistic, stress free approach to eradicating unwanted behaviour.


Pet First Aid Courses

Certified Pet First Aid Courses


To find out more call us on 07519 950 959 ​

or email [email protected]