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Hit The Road Jack.. and don't ya come back!!!

Have you ever been to visit someone and when you get up to leave their dog starts barking at you? or even worse when you turn your back, it delivers a nasty nip and you’re left wondered what you did wrong and the owner somewhat embarrassed?? Or maybe you’ve been out on a walk and have been confronted by an aggressive dog? A frightening situation indeed!

When dealing with unwanted behaviour, I often tell owners to turn their back on their dog when it is jumping up and trying to get attention, and, as best they can, to continue with what they are doing. I do this, as it gives the dog a strong message that you are not entertaining its demands while it is in this hyper state. However, there is a caveat to that. 

In some circumstances turning your back can exacerbate the situation and a dog that seems to be quiet and calm, can spring into action the moment a person turns their back and the dog delivers a quick nip When on the back of the leg or bottom and if the dog is really big, the neck.  

This is a mistake I made when working with a client whose dog was incredibly nervous and had taken on the role of protector. To the dog I was an intruder and, although I was there to help, the dog did not know this and as far as she was concerned, I was a threat. After about 90 minutes, I got up to leave; the dog started to bark and as soon as my back was turned, she delivered a nasty nip on my backside. Lucky for me, my phone was in my back pocket which took the brunt of her bite and saved me from a trip to A&E. In her role of protector, she was simply telling me to “Hit The Road Jack” and don’t come back!!

Fortunately for me, the dog’s owners took onboard my advice and my next 3 visits were non-eventful, but what should you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? The safest thing is to ask the owners to take hold of the dog, so you can exit safely. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are confronted by an aggressive dog, do not attempt to make friends, simply lower your eyes and back away from the dog until enough distance is made so you feel safe. Do not turn your back in this instance as the chances are that you will receive a nasty nip or worse.

If you want to find our more about the method I teach, please click on the Canine Behaviour link below.

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