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Exclusive Home Boarding

Want an alternative to kennels?

We provide an exclusive home from home environment for your dog.  We are licensed, insured and qualified in Pet 1st Aid.  With free range of a large country house and garden, you can be sure that your pride and joy is being well looked after.  We can also assess any behavioural concerns during their stay and discuss these with you on your return.

See below for pricing. 


Behaviour Re-Set

 Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age, however what's important to remember is that they are only reacting to the signals that you are giving out.  This is good news, as it means that if we change our signals, the dogs behaviour will change too.  The method I teach to correct unwanted behaviour is an holistic approach and is conducted in your own home.  

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Pet First Aid & 

Behaviour Courses

We run monthly Pet First Aid  courses  in Ansty, Coventry, so should you be unfortunate enough to encounter a potentially life threatening situation such as choking, drowning, seizures etc., or your dog suffers an injury, you will be able to deliver the necessary assistance to either save their life or keep them comfortable until  the vet arrives.     



Behaviour Re-Set (Home Assessments) - £220 for 3 sessions

​​This consists of 3 home visits, each lasting approximately 70 minutes.  During the visit you are asked a series of lifestyle questions in relation to the dog, which helps me to diagnose the problem.  Following this, I work with you to implement a change programme and providing you follow my guidance, you will see a remarked improvement with the first 48 hours.  


Ad-hoc visits - £85

Pay as you go sessions are available and are charged at £85 per visit. 

Pet First Aid Courses - £46

These are held monthly in small groups of no more than 4 people at a time.  Following successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Exclusive Boarding - £23.50 per night.  10% discount for multiple dogs from the same family.  £2.50 for each additional hour over the collection time.

Our aim is to replicate the dogs home environment to ensure a home from home experience and with the option of exclusive boarding, you can be sure that your treasured pooch is receiving 100% of our focus.  They have free range of a large house and garden, with country walks on the doorstep.  We can also assess any behavioural / training concerns during their stay and discuss these with you upon your return.  **Owner to provide food**

Behaviour Re-Set

A behaviour re-set is used to address a wide range of issues from excessive barking and anxiety to jumping up and destroying the home.  Dogs have their own language which is a silent body language and by changing the way the owners interact with the dog, in a way that the dog understands, this has a huge and positive effect on the dogs behaviour.  The method can also be used for puppies, as it lays the foundations of what is expected and prevents behavioural issues from developing in the future.

It is an holistic, stress free approach of communicating with your dog, without the use of any punishment or correction gadgets e.g. shouting, hitting, bark collars etc.  I teach you, the owner, how to communicate with your dog in a language they understand, so the dog gains trust and respect and will want to work with you.  Providing you stick to the plan, the change is very quick and you will notice a difference within the first 48 hours of implementation.

In the UK, body language such as a handshake and a thumbs up are a positive signal, however in other countries they are considered an insult.  Apply this to dogs who can't talk English and have their own silent body language and you can start to see where the behaviour problems stem from. We give off body signals all the time, which our dogs interpret as something quite different, which is why learning your dogs language is one of the kindest things you can do for them. Taking your dog to obedience classes is important as it teaches them the basics of sit, stay etc., which are valuable techniques, however couple this with leaning your dogs language and you will enjoy a harmonious relationship and develop and unbreakable bond.

A bit about me....

I have always been intrigued about the relationship between owner and dog and it was only when I owned two very badly behaved border collies that I really understood the importance of speaking 'their' language.  As pups they were adorable, however as they grew up their behaviour become intolerable!! They would pull on the lead, attack other dogs, bark/howl when left alone, and destroy my walls and door frames.  It was at this point that I called in a dog behaviourist who educated me in the Language of Dogs.  After only 48 hours of following simple techniques, the problems had almost diminished.  I was simply amazed and it was this turnaround that inspired me to learn more about the language of dogs.  

We are fully licensed and insured.  

Qualified in Dog Behaviour.

Qualified Pet First Aid Instructor.

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