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Hounds 'n' Harmony

Our Partners

At Hounds 'n' Harmony, we are passionate about quality, service and the protection of animals and the environment, which is why we only work with people who hold the same values.  

Below are the links to people whom we trust and highly recommend.

Harmony Glass

Glass Art Urns

Harmony glass provide stunning pieces of glass art to encase the ashes of your beloved pet.  The process shows the ashes as white swirls dancing among your selected colour combination, visible to the eye, to place in the favourite part of your home or office, forever to be remembered.  

So how does it work ?

Choosing from one of the stunning conversational pieces of glass , you can choose your own colour combination from over 23 different colours.  Only a small amount of ashes is needed, leaving you the opportunity to scatter the remainder of the ashes in a special place of your choosing.    


Alpha Trails Experience

Our unique five level process ensures your dog receives not only the daily exercise they require, but also the mental stimulation throughout, which is vital for a happy and health dog.  Knowing your dog is having the time of its life, means you can crack on with your day and be completely worry free at work.

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Dog Grooming Palour

Having been a nurse for many years, I wanted to turn my attentions to my passion for dogs.  So I re-trained to become a dog grooming and transformed my conservatory into a luxury doggy palour.  With my natural talent for reiki , combined with my compassionate nursing skills, you can rest assured that your dog is in safe, calming hands.

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ENJO UK with Larissa Gray

A dogs smell is 100 times greater than ours, making them extremely sensitive to day to day smells.  Ever wondered why when you wash your dog it then goes and rolls in something smelly?  It's because they do not want to smell different to other dogs, as it goes against their natural instinct.   They want to blend in and smell like a dog. 

Also the smells that we find pleasant, can be too harsh and offensive for our dogs noses, which is where ENJO comes in.  ENJO’s high quality products offer you a cost-effective, chemical-free way to clean your dog that is scientifically proven to be more hygienic than traditional methods.  Helping you to reduce the amount of toxins that both your family and your dog are absorbing, not to mention less plastic and chemical residues in our waterways.  One of our mitts will clean your dog with just pure water and special fibre technology . It's also a great way to clean your home, eliminating toxic chemicals altogether.    

For more information please contact Larissa Gray on: 07948748037, email: larissagra[email protected] or Facebook by clicking on the link below.


Home Boarding

Exclusive Home Boarding - An alternative to kennels

Info & Pricing

Contact Details

Should you wish to talk to us please call 07519 950 959 or email [email protected]


Canine Behaviour

We offer an holistic, stress free approach to eradicating unwanted behaviour.

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